Mon 04 Sep 2023 15:42

Do I need a membership?

If you or your children are playing or training using Chesham's facilities in any capacity, the answer is yes! 

What does my membership cover?

Your membership covers everything from pitch fees, coaches and equipment through to hot showers, changing rooms and of course, the clubhouse! 

How much does it cost?

Membership costs depend on the section you are part of. From Men and Women's senior players, M&J family groups and even non contact rugby & social members; there is a membership for everyone! 

How do I sign up?

It's never been easier to set up your membership.

  • Navigate to our membership page and click Purchase. 

This will open GMS in a new page.

  • Log in to your GMS account
    • For M&J memberships, log in to the lead parent's GMS account and ensure parent and player GMS accounts are connected.
      • A guide on how to do this is available here
  • Add the membership you wish to purchase to your basket
    • For M&J memberships, an Annual M&J Family membership must be purchased first then additonal child memberships can be added

For monthly payments, you will need to set up and sign a Direct Debt Guarantee.

  • An initial payment is required at the time of set up; this is to be paid via Credit or Debit card. 

Annual payments are taken up front; again to be paid via Credit or Debit card. 


I need help!

If you are having problems accessing GMS, the RFU have a handy help desk available here.

If further help is required, please contact the appropriate section's team manager or Moray Hogg